The Sunrise Seer


A voice recorder
A Morning Meditation Journal
(Optional) a timer


The moments between when we first awake, and when our minds are fully active are rich full of intuitive potential. This is a daily ritual to utilize this time for your greatest empowerment and utilization.

Spell Casting

As soon as you wake up, before checking in on anything and bringing anything into your consciousness of the day, turn on your voice recorder so you can freely channel without having to hold onto the memories of what you said.

For about 10 minutes (a good amount of time, but follow your intuition on this, use a timer at your own discretion and according to your own needs) just channel whatever you see, feel, or even what you remember from your dreams. Speak out anything and everything that comes through to you, without judgment or critical thought. 

When you are done, listen over, and record it in your journal so you can quickly read through it, and even add imagery if you saw anything strike out to you. 

It's important to stay consistent about recording this, a lot of things come through that may not seem relevant in the moment, but shine a light of wisdom for future moments that come in handy in those moments of reflection. Sometimes piecing together spiritual puzzles that you are pondering over.
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