Between-Dream Manifestations


Comfortable Space to sleep
Black Sage (Or other dream protective herbs/incense to burn)


This is a simple way to add manifestation and connecting to your higher self/wisdom into your daily routine, while also giving yourself a focus to put your mind into to help aid in deeper restfulness so you can fall asleep. This can come as a way to affirm your goals and dreams on a daily basis with no extra time needed for it.

Spell Casting

If you have a sleep ritual with any teas, affirmations, or tools to prepare, complete all that needs to get done so you can comfortably move into sleep.

Light your herbs with the intention of energetic protection before you open yourself and lean into your dreamworld. 

Once you're done, come to your bed and focus on your breath. Allow it to slow down and feel your energy as you become more aware of yourself. Visualize a space of protection and empowerment around you, both physically and astrally/energetically. As you build your energy, close your eyes and imagine you're right there with your higher self like a friend. Communicate with them what you wish to bring into your life or become more of, the things you want to embody more of leading forward. Allow yourself to drift into an imaginative experience of being and seeing this play out, as you are actively showing it to your higher self. Talk it through, let them give you wisdom and empowerment so that you are more prepared to reach these goals and understand yourself through them. Let yourself keep focused on this communication and connection all the way until you fall asleep and drift off into your rest. 


Resources & Spells for support: 

For using smoke for protection:

Creating an Astral Space to find your higher self in:
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