Enchanted Smoke


-Incense or smoke
-Strong Visualization-energy technique


Using the smoke of incense or herbs to create

Spell Casting

Prepare your space, ensure ventilation and an open door to allow the smoke and energy leave the space. Gather your tools, and setting them in their proper place to prepare for working with them.

Once your tools are ready for use, come to your breath, count 10 deep breaths as you close your eyes, and visualize with you mind and feel with your energy exactly how you want the space to feel. Then hen spark the fire and light up the smoking item as you visualize exactly what you want it to do as if you were doing it and it were done, feel the outcome, and put that energy into the flame, into and into the tool you are using. Really let the enegy move through you and when you are ready, open your eyes, and spread the smoke through your space/tools/however you are choosing to utilize it.

This is a powerful way to use sage sticks for protection, to use bay leafs for. abundance, or to use healing incense for reiki pracitces, or other healing rituals.

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