Beautiful Body


1 Small bowl of sugar
1 Bottle of food coloring ( red if girl blue if boy )
Bath filled with warm water


This spell will make you beautiful from the roots of your hair to your toenails.

Spell Casting

You must believe this will work otherwise it wont. The beauty fairy spirits can sense the smallest trace of doubt. never lose hope that it wont work.

Mix the food coloring into the sugar while filling up a warm bath. If you choose to have incense light it and put it near the floor of the bath. Sit in the bath with the bowl of sugar in a place you can reach it. Close your eyes and relax. Open your eyes. Once you feel calm reach for the sugar and put a dab in your hair and a dab on your face. Once its on chant:

"Beauty be upon me. Spirits grant me my wish for what I must look like" ( picture what you want to look like ) then close your eyes but don't fall asleep just lay down breathing in the incense or smells. Wash out the sugar from your hair and face but keep the sugar from the bowl. take a bit of sugar and put on other places you want to be beautiful.
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