Become Stronger




This spell makes the target physically stronger.

Spell Casting

Take the dirt and sprinkle it into the pentagon. In this case the pentagon can just be drawn out, it does not need to be a physical object. For example you can cast this spell on the ground, just take a stick, draw a pentagon in the dirt and sprinkle more dirt onto it while saying the following words:

Within these points and lines and stars,
The strength within to rule as Zars,
Will appear as muscle and flesh
To be the strongest to be the best.

Enchant this soil within your realm,
And let the others be overwhelm
By the strength of he who eats
This dirtied soil as a treat.

The dirt may now be eaten (or mixed with food and eaten) and whoever eats it will become stronger. Please note all that is needed is a few grains of the dirt, there will be no difference between eating a few grains and a handful of dirt.
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