Love perfume


Your perfume
Know chant of this spell
Any month (February or April recommended)


Enchants a perfume of a specific scent with making you irresistible to anyone of the opposite gender who is near you.

Spell Casting

Chant:  O ________, O_______, please enchant this perfume of ________ with making me irresistible to any person of the opposite gender who is near to me, o so mote it be!

  1. Hold your perfume above your head between your palms, reciting the chant twice as you move it deosil around your head.
  2. Still holding the perfume, reciting the chant four times this time, move it counterclockwise around your head.
  3. Place the perfume to your chest, reciting the chant six times moving it clockwise around the area of your heart.
  4. Still holding the perfume to your chest, move it counterclockwise around the area of your heart, reciting the chant eight times.
  5. Your perfume should now be blessed with irresistibility with every spray you use of it.
  6. Keep out of reach of non-you people.
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