Magical Money


Bay Leaf
Rose petals
Carving tool
white candle
Parchment paper


The spell is to attract and earn money. The spell is also used for financial growth.

Spell Casting

If you need a little luck while in the process of trying to earn money, this would be one of the best spells to use. place a sigil on a table. Light the white candle, and place the candle in the middle of the sigil. As you visualize the amount of money needed, or the money that's in your hand, write down a wish or incantation on the parchment paper. Once you have that written down, place the parchment, or paper underneath candle. 

Rip a few pieces of bay leaf and visualize your desires again. Say your incantation, and wishes out loud while you place the bay leaf in the candle. Next, you can throw in some chamomile, and rose petals. Additionally, place coins on the sigil in front of the candle. You can also place crystals on the sigil to enhance the energy of the spell. that is completely optional.
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