Protection Against Stealing Credit


Blue ink pen


A spell that protects against anyone stealing credit for your ideas or creations.

Spell Casting

On Thursday, during an hour of Jupiter, write a description of your idea/creation on a piece of paper, using blue ink. When you are finished, recite the following:

"I bind this project to myself, NN, so that none may take credit from me. Those who know of it will acknowledge me as its origin. Such I have spoken, and such shall it be."

After this, bury the paper somewhere that it will not be dug up, at least not for a very long time. By doing this, you will prevent anyone - especially those you know - from taking credit from you for any project. Additionally, it will protect against plagiarism and stealing ideas.

Additional Notes:

  • The planet Jupiter is associated with law (as is the Roman deity for whom the planet is named). Thursday is the day of Jupiter and blue is its color.
  • You will have to calculate what Jupiter's hours are for your timezone.
  • If it appears to not work at first, wait a while (ideally forgetting that you even cast the spell in the first place).
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