Lavnder pillow spray (V3)


A spray bottle, preferably small
A bigger bottle to put remainder of mixture that's not in the spray bottle in
For the spray:
Lavender essential oil, as many drops as you want
Eureka Lavender scented water soluble solution
Some crushed lavender buds
A bit of powdered lavender


A recipe of my own for aromatic lavender spray for your pillow to assist you in getting to sleep. You can also use my sleeping potion before using the spray on your pillow!

Spell Casting

  1. Put the water in a deep bowl and add the water soluble solution.
  2. Put the crushed lavender buds and essential oil in.
  3. Say the blessing a few times.
  4. Mix well.
  5. Put a little bit in the spray bottle and the rest in the bigger bottle
  6. Spray a bit of the spray onto your pillow and have an aromatic pillow and pillowcase! :)
  7. Store the remainder of the spray out of reach of non-you people.

Blessing: I bless this mixture by the day and night, sun and moon to bring about good sleep and pleasant dreams as I sleep. So mote it be! By my will, it shall be that I get bad dreams warded off
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