Singing voice potion + blessing


A few spoons of lemon juice
Room-tmperature water
A teaspoon of maple syrup & honey
Pot or cauldron
Mixing tool
Strawberry juice
Black Elderberry juice
pinch crushed camomile
1 spoon of crushed basil
Heat to put pot or cauldron on
Bottle or jar
1/2-cup measuring spoon to measure out half a cup when you're putting it in your favourite mug


Drink half a cup of this every day of practising singing a few minutes before practsing singing, set your intention before and then practise singing, won't yeild immediate results, will only start giving results after last day of drinking potion, setting intention and then practising singing.

Spell Casting

Blessing: I, (name), bless this potion with the ability to aid me with my singing voice, it shall be that I have a beautiful singing voice after (time-slot) of practising singing, by my will, it shal be that my singing voice is better by the end of (time slot), in conjunction with setting my intention and actually practising singing, so mote it be!


  1. Put the pot or cauldron on the heat, put in the water and lemon juice.
  2. Put in the maple syrup & honey.
  3. Put the crushed camomile and basil in.
  4. Put in the black elderberry and strawberry juice.
  5. Mix well, while saying the blessing.
  6. Allow time to cool and then, measure out half a cup at a time of the potion into the bottle or jar and close the lid tight.
  7. Reserve a half a cup of the potion in the pot or cauldron and put reserved half cup into your favourite mug.
  8. Drink the half-cup of potion and set your intention before practising singing,and then start practising singing for an amount of time of your choosing.
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