Protect a book from unwanted/prying eyes and bind it to your soul


A handful Protection rice
4 Protection candles
Dragon's blood writing kit
Book you want to protect
Protection soap
Candle holders
Altar cloth
Protection ritual kit
Protection spell bottle
Black salt
Pinch of crushed hawthorn, holly, rowan, eucalyptus, willow, oak, golden ash, silver ash, yew, alder, beech and elder bark, mixed together with the spell bottle, salt and rice in a large bowl, reserve 1/2 of the mixture for the spell.
To know how to draw a pentagram


Helps if your BoS or diary is in danger of being read by non-Wiccans or your annoying siblings and/or enemies, teachers and classmates. It will make your diary or BoS look like a normal book, especially if you want your secrets etc kept secret. I don't work with deities. You can find most of the ingredients on the online shop. I recommend casting a circle and having a safe to keep your book in as well. It'll be bound to your soul after saying the chant, if done correctly.

Spell Casting

  1. Set up your altar, place the altar cloth on.
  2. Place your book, the candles, the ritual kit, the writing kit, the soap and horseshoe onto the altar.
  3. Mix the mixed barks with the black salt, spell bottle and rice and a sliver of the soap in a large bowl, and mix together with an electric mixer, then reserve 1/2 of the mixture.
  4. Open the book and draw a pentagram with the writing kit's ink and quill on the first page.
  5. Close the book and place the horseshoe on top of it.
  6. Sprinkle the mixture around and light the candles.
  7. Point your wand at the book and say: O, (god you work with name here), (goddess you work with name here), protect this. book from prying eyes for me, please, and I hope you accept my humble offering of (offering here), by my will, it shall be that my _________ shall be disguised as a regular book for prying eyes, so they will want to put it back, so mote it be! An' if it harm none, do what thou wilt."
  8. Your secrets/Wiccan wisdom/etc should be hidden from unwanted/prying eyes and if done correctly, it should be bound to your soul for all eternity, even after your death.

________ , (offering here),  (god you work with name here) and (goddess you work with name here) are placeholders.

Just know you can do this as amny times on any book which you desire to be kept secret.
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