Candle flame Visions


White candle. Best if thick piller candle.
Black sharpie or paint.
Candle holder (something to catch the wax.)

I you put the wax in a silicone bowl reuse all the wax to make a new candle.


Take a white candle write "tell me the future" with black on it. light the flame try to light the first flame during a new moon. Stare into the flame for at least 15 minutes asking in your mind intently what your question is. Now sometimes you get a vision that is not relative to the question that's ok. Now if there's no vision or any thought popping in your brain. Snuff the candle and light it the next night. Repeat until candle is completely melted.

Spell Casting

Take the white candle🕯️.

write on it in black colour


You can write in any language as long as it fits on the candle.

sit comfortablely in front of the candle.

stare into the flame as long as you can l, try not to blink.

*try to start the first vision session on the new moon. 

stare into the candle for 10-15 minutes if not longer.

*try to save wax from melted candles an ld make a new one from it.

* Means optional.

best of luck and practice, may you see beyond your physical eyes and see with your soul. 

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