Draw your crush to you


Drawing of you and crush
Smudge stick (rose petal/white sage)
Romance spell bottle
Ritual bowl (preferably with a lid
Rose, real, to offer to Venus or Aphrodite
Pink candle (strengthens spell - votive)
Full moon
A rose hip
Blessed (blessed & moon) water
Kettle (can be electric, but I recommend one with a lid that goes atop the opening that boils o'er a fire)
AA heart shaped offering plate for placing the drawing on top followed by the rose
Cauldron (to mix rose hip and petal from spare rose, singular grains of love and attraction rice,
Altar (may be round, but a square one with a drawer is best to store the ingredients that are not a real rose)
A handful each of Love and Attraction rices (plus extra to crush with rose hip and petal - one each put aside
Mortar & pestle (to mix the plucked rose petal, rose hip, grains of rice and sachet powder into a powder of your own making to sprinkle
Candle holder for the pink votive candle
Love ritual powder to sprinkle around the outline the offering plate.
Dove's blood writing kit
Attract lover ritual kit


Will draw your crush to you. Flower must be a rose and must be real. Many of the items are available on the online store. Exception: the rose; the rose is available is available from nature (have a spare on hand to pick a petal from and crush in a mortar & pestle- the petal you pluck must be dry, (because wet petals do not grind) with a grain of attraction and love rice from each handful).

Spell Casting

  1. Dress your altar and take it outside, preferably on a full moon (if you used one and if you want to). 

  2. Start burning the smudge stick in a bowl or jar.

  3. Stand the candle in a holder on your altar and light the candle. 

  4. Pick a rose for Venus or Aphrodite.

  5. Sprinkle the sachet powder around the outline of an offering plate.

  6. Get the drawing of you and your crush and place it on your altar under the rose, atop an offering plate.

  7. You'll need to memorise this chant: O Aphrodite/Venus, please draw my crush, (crush name) to me, Aphrodite/Venus, please, please draw (name of crush) to me, please, please accept my gift of a rose. So mote it be!!

    (I don't know if this will or won't work, I don't work with Venus or Aphrodite, it might if you do work with Aphrodite or Venus, if it does, please mail me and tell me the results!)

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