Bittersweet Candle Jar Spell


Black candle
dried plantain
white sage
dried bayleaf
Dried ginko leaf
dried rose petals
ceramic bowl
something to crush herbs.
small or medium jar with cork or lid


This spell should be used preferably at midnight. This spell is to ward off negative energy, and to also reverse negative energy back on to people who wish ill intent towards you. This spell can also be a curse reverse spell if you do not know who the enemy is.

Spell Casting

Take 6 pinches of plantain and place the dried plantain into the jar. Take 3 pinches of dried white sage, and place the white sage into the spell jar. Take 3 pinches of bittersweet, and place it in the ceramic bowl.Take 3 pinches of dried ginko leaf, and crush it into the bowl. Mix the dried herbs with a small spoon. place the dried crushed herbs into the jar. Use a small spoon to make it easier for you. you can always use your hands to place the rest of the dried herbs into the jar. Take 13 pinches of salt, and place it into the spell jar. The dried herbs are all used to ward off unwanted energies, and to purify.

Take 3 pinches of dried rose petals and place the rose petals into the spell jar. Use the small spoon to crush and mix the dried herbs. Inhale the aroma of the dried herbs to connect to the the energies of the herbs. Place a black candle into a jar. I would use a votive candle, but if you do not have a votive candle, make sure to place a towel under the spell jar. Light the black candle, and place hands over the flame. Visualize your desire of the spell. Focus on your intent. Close your eyes, and say: May the spirits of earth ward off negative energy that has been placed upon me, and if anybody has ill intent towards me, may the unwanted energies, and actions be reversed back to them. so, mote it be.

Make sure to say it 3 times. Do not leave the candle unattended. Once you are ready, snuff out, or blow the candle out while visualizing the negative energy disappearing, or visualize the smoke going towards your enemies which ever is going to work for you. Wait until the next day to place lid, or cork on to the jar. Keep it the way it is until you have your desired results. clean the jar out, or burry it.
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