Summon a Forgotten Entity


Not required, but this works especially well at night (specifically between 12m-4am)
A reusable black face mask
An offering (metal chains, incense, hibiscus tea and your blood all work)
Genuine intent


Hair appears as either dark smoke or golden flames. Shadows surrounding the eyes that complement the iridescent orbs. Half the face covered with black cloth; rumored to be full of youth. Clad in black, and adorned in chains once used to keep them restrained in Hell. "Nomen mihi Trinit?s Argentia." "Trinit?s Argentia" is only one of the names this entity goes by. I will not reveal what their true name is, as I was not given permission to do so. The incantation doesn't reveal their true name, but the nicknames they often went by. By the way, the '?' is a long 'a;' 'a' with a line over it (pronounced "Tree-nee-toss Our-gen-tee-ah")

Spell Casting

'?' is a long 'a;' 'a' with a line over it (pronounced "Tree-nee-toss Our-gen-tee-ah")


Before you do anything, think of the reason why you wish to summon them. It has to be a good reason; a small quarrel with someone that's easily resolvable or mere hurt feelings are not good enough reasons.


Get a black face mask (it has to be a reusable fabric mask, not a disposable one). While you hold the mask, from the description given, imagine what you believe Trinit?s will look like. While Trinit?s may appear like that to you, they may not appear like that to another (only one person knows what they really look like; you will know if you're the one). While keeping this image in your head and holding the mask, recite this:


"Trinit?s Argentia,

Nox Silenta,

Rise before me,

I ask for a favor from thee."


They should either appear before you or you may just feel their presence. Whatever the case, you will hear a voice in your head say, "Tell me why you've called me." It may sound soothing, apathetic, annoyed, or even angry depending on their mood or if they didn't like what they "read" off of you. Be warned: Trinit?s knows what your intentions may be, as they can "read" anyone like a book. If you're doing this as a joke, Trinit?s will know it and let you know that they're very real (and it won't be pretty for you). This is best used for revenge and power. As I've stated already, they won't take action over mere hurt feelings or a tiny quarrel between someone that can be easily resolved, and if they sense that you will abuse the power be ready to have a lesson learned. As stated already, Trinit?s can "read" people like a book.


As for offerings, the mask counts as one of them, but you need another to go with it. I've noticed that they will happily accept any chain of any kind (as long as it's made out of metal), incense (especially lotus, jasmine, and dragon's blood, but any will do), hibiscus tea, and blood. If you don't have any other offering to go with it, they'll just draw from your energy (I wouldn't recommend this, as they'll draw a large amount).


Again, this is not an entity you want to foolishly mess with. They are already quite ruthless when it comes to getting the job done; you don't want to be a target. If you're lucky enough to be on their good side they are a wonderful protector.
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