Basic Love Spell


•a small jar or red/pink or white sachet
•two red/pink candles
•incense (any will do, but preferably lavender)
•himalayan salt
•ylang ylang / rose / lavender oil
•rose quartz
•pounded rose, lavender, bay leaf, himalayan salt, chamomile, cinnamon, wormwood herb mixture (you can add anything you want)
•a small piece of paper and a writing utensil


this spell will attract love towards you.

Spell Casting

1 - first of all, cleanse the area by means of incense.

2 - then, ask tarot about how this spell is going to process.

3 - rub the essential oil between your eyebrows and bless the candles with oil. 

4 - light the candles in the name of the god/goddess/spirit you're working with

5 - put the ingredients into jar, imagining the intention happening.

6 - write the name of your platonic crush (if you have one), or (if you don't) write "i attract love and affection" on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. 

7 - close the jar and seal it with wax.

8 - spray your favorite perfume on the jar and then on yourself.
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