Summon a Succubus


A red candle.
A piece of paper.
A black pen.


How to summon a succubus.

Spell Casting

First off, start by lighting your red candle.

Draw the sigil of Lilith on the paper.

Write in your own words, a letter to Lilith explaining you want a succubus.

Tread lightly. It's Lilith. Do not say anything offensive to her being.


Lilith, my queen,

For how bad it may seem,

Send me one of your beings,

And a shoulder to lean.

So mote it be.

Afterwards, burn the paper in the candle flame and throw away the ashes after it's burned.

Now, lie down, rest and wait for the succubus to come to you. 

And remember, it's a succubus. You may feel depressed or even with a low energy level after the deed.
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