Spice Mix of Strength


Cayenne pepper powder
Paprika powder
Ginger powder
Cinnamon powder
Red pepper flakes


A spice mix that enchants any food to grant incredible strength to whomever eats it.

Spell Casting

When Mars is in Scorpio, and during an hour of Mars, mix together five spices: Cayenne pepper, paprika, ginger, cinnamon, and red pepper flakes. Thoroughly combine these, whether by hand or by machine, and store them in a jar. Speak the following to the jar:

"Mixture of spices, be observant of my will. When you are consumed, bring strength and power to that person, whether man or woman, for as long as they should desire it. Should you fail to do so, may four gods curse and condemn you: ARES, ENYALIOS, CRATOS, and PALLAS ATHENA. If you have any fear of these gods, you will honor them by assisting me in my tasks. This I demand of you, for I am NN, whose mother is NN."

When this is spoken, shake the jar thoroughly and store in a warm place until it is ready to be used. You may enhance any food with this mixture of spices, and it shall bring great strength to anyone who uses it, whether or not they know it was enchanted. If you fear that it has not worked, recite the incantation a second time and shake the jar more roughly.

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