Against Scrying and Remote Viewing


Glass vase
White roses
Blue roses
Belladonna (also called deadly nightshade)


Should you ever have problems with someone spying on you through magical means, use the following spell, and no-one will be able to see or hear you from a distance.

Spell Casting

Make a bouquet of belladonna, white roses, and blue roses, and place them into a vase. Pour some warm water into the vase, though not enough to drown the flowers. Place the vase on a square table somewhere in your home. At each corner - North, South, West, and East - recite the following:

"Let all secrets be hidden from the scryer, from the remote viewer, from the psychic and from the diviner. Let no eye see what is in this house lest they stand here and see for themselves. By the name AGLA, by the name SABAOTH, by the name ELYON, and by the name IAO, this thing is and shall be."

When this is spoken at each direction, the house will be protected from all scrying, remote viewing, and so forth. No one will be able to use magic to look into your house, or even to discern its location, so long as the flowers are alive. When they wither, you will have to begin the spell again.


Additional Notes:

  • Belladonna means "silence" in the language of flowers. It is also heavily associated with magic and beauty.
  • Do not consume belladonna; it is poisonous.
  • Roses, while also being symbols of love, are also associated with Harpocrates, god of silence and secrets. Thus, in the language of flowers, roses have a secondary meaning of "secrecy" in addition to their more common meaning of "love."
  • White roses are associated with purity, secrecy, silence, and innocence.
  • Blue roses are associated with mystery.
  • This spell will also prevent remote viewing, scrying, etc. from inside the house, so keep that in mind before casting.
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