Powerful Dark Charm - Love


Cotton Wool
Pachouli essential oil
Sandal essential oil
Any kind of pheromone perfume
Small pouch
Basic knowledge of energy work


Real deal charm working trough pheromones and energy to win over anyone you desire!

Spell Casting

1. Take cotton wool and fixate it in any comfortable way to areas your body releases pheromones - armpits, crotches, neck below your ears, wrists. Wear it when you are aroused, feeling butterflies, having your private time, and while you sleep. its beneficial if you do it on new moon, or if you are girl do it when you have ovulation days. Do it as long as you wish, repeat process with one same cotton wool as long as you desire

2. After you finish the first step, put that cotton in a jar you can seal and unseal at will, pour sandal and pachouli essential oil in the jar. Add as much of pheromone perfume as you wish in the jar. Note that there are peromone parfumes that will attract men or women, so buy and use one of your liking. leave it all thirteen days to rest sealed, then unseal it and add bit of olive oil to dilute it, then seal it again and next 13 days use basic energy work to pour heart chakra energy into it everyday. when those 13 days pass, open the jar again and add into it as much of your own saliva as you can. again seal the jar, and next 7 days you can choose which kind of energy you need to pour into it, if you are unsure of your looks pour sacral and root chakra energies, if you are shy and unsure, pour your solar plexus energy, if you want them to feel that butterfly tingling in their face whenever they hear your voice pour troath chakra energy, if you want to haunt their dreams pour energy from third eye.

3. After whole 33 days have passed you can use the contents of the jar:

A) use one same ear-stick to apply the liquid on your neck and wrists like you would perfume.

B) take a small pouch, little bit of tinfoil and roll a bit of that soaked cotton wool from the jar into tinfoil and make lot of little holes in tifoil. then put that in a small pouch and wear it under the clothes sideling like a little pouch under your armpit on your hearts side.

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