The Call of St. Cyprian


A statue or Icon of St. Cyprian


This is a Sorcerer’s prayer to St. Cyprian, the patron saint of Necromancers, Sorcerers, Witches, and Occult Magick.

Spell Casting

1. Place the Icon or Statue of St. Cyprian on an altar/table near you.

2. When you feel ready, say this prayer:

"In the name of the great and mighty power of God I invoke the sublime influence of St. Cyprian, in Christ Jesus.  I ask that you be my mentor and my master by virtue of the grace bestowed upon you by God omnipotent who was, is, and who will ever be."

"You learned to control storms on Mt Olympus, the casting of enchantment and illusion in Argos, the mysteries of the witches craft at Taurapolis, necromancy among the graves of Sparta, and incantations in Memphis.  Finally in Antioch, drawn by power, you found grace of Christ."

"Oh Holy Cyprian, you who equally partakes of the Mass and the Sabbat, bless my efforts to follow you in your path.  You who commingled with angels, devils, and earthly spirits, grant the power to command the spirits as you did,  and as Solomon and Manasses did before you."

" I thank you Lord for the many gifts of nature and grace with which you enriched the spiritual treasure house of your most faithful servant St. Cyprian. I thank you, my protector, for the special favors I have received by your powerful intercession."

"Oh Cyprian Holy Thaumaturge: Saint and Sorcerer, Martyr and Magus, bless me.  Take my prayers and spells and make them your own.  When the Lord hears them he will not ignore them, they will cease to be my words, but yours."

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