Wish spell


1 small plastic bag
1 peice of paper
1 something to write with
1 bottle of food coloring ( your choice )


This is a long term wish spell that can grant small wishes

Spell Casting

Fill the plastic bag with water and add the food coloring to it. write your wish on the paper and put it in the plastic bag. Every day chant: Spell of mine please be granted. As my wish disolves the closer it comes to me. and shake the plastic bag 5 times. Once the peice of paper has completly disolved there are a few things that each have the same effect.

1) pour the water in a garden near your home

2) pour the water in a bath tub and fill the tub with warm water then take a bath in it.

3) save the water and each day pour a small amount into your hands and rub on face 3 times a day. once when you get up. once when you come home from school,work, ect. once before you got to bed.

not 100% reliable. this is for small wishes. not large ones like: getting $1,000,000. or turning into a mermaid. this is for wishes like. getting a job or passing a test.

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