Control the Nature


1 Plate
1 Oak Leaf
1 Natural Object (Small)
1 White Candle


This spell is to control some of the nature around you.

Spell Casting

Light the candle in front of you, and close your eyes and focus on nothing but the natural energy around you. Once focused, open your eyes and hold one oak leaf by the stem, and put the leafy end in the flame. Once lit, put it on the plate and blow out the candle. Close your eyes again and focus on the smell and energy given off by the burning leaf. You shall feel welcomed by the nature's spirits. Open your eyes and chant:


"Oh goddesses of nature, combine our powers."


After you've chanted, set the natural object on the ground and focus on moving it with your mind or contacting nature's spirit with that object.

Works best if it isn't windy( if your doing this spell outside ), and if your object is small.
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