To help a Passing Strangers Situation


The person you are casting it on, the spell memorized or in your possession, a strong intention.


If you see an angry stranger or any other state of mind, this can help them to move on or focus on other things.

Spell Casting

-Chant this spell with good intentions and hope for the best result

-Let the recipient of the spell have free will to choose their way to move on.

Hypothetical Situation: Imagine that you see a disturbed Man while out in town. You then safely and not suspiciously keep him in view and chant this spell below: 

"Change his/her mood,

Change the air,

Help him/her to move past his/her errors."

The spell is now active. Go on with your day, you have now presented them with an opportunity to move on/change things.

You can focus on a desired result if deemed urgent enough. The effects may or may not be immediate.

~BLESSED BE~ Sometimes we all desire help and lose sight of how/wanting to find it.
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