Aura of Attraction


Candle (preferably red)
Candle (preferably pink)
Previously created sigil design
Cleansing materials (rosemary, sage, salt, etc)


A beauty/attraction based spell with few ingredients but heavy intention-based magick. Recommended for all magick skill levels.

Spell Casting

Read ENTIRE spell before casting!

Note: this spell was designed to have people perceive you as more attractive. It creates an "aura" of attractive, sensual energy. It is NOT recommended to be used for love spells or to target a specific person -- also, it emphasizes the "divine feminine", but you can replace it with the divine masculine if you so wish!

This specific spell is recommended for witches that are above 18 due to the usage of candles. If you are under 18, you can use crystals, rocks, or more sigils.

Prep: make sure you design a sigil beforehand. [If you don't know what that is, look into sigil making -- it's an extremely flexible and powerful way to use magick without needing so many ingredients!] You can sketch the design softly onto the piece of paper that you'll use if you'd like a guide or if you won't remember the design.

As with every spell, cleanse yourself and your surroundings -- physically and spiritually. Tidy up the space you'll use, use incense, sound cleanse, whatever you need.

Spell: once you and your space is cleansed and filled with neutral energy, you may proceed.

1) Ask your spirit guides or deities to help cast a circle. If you don't have a connection with either, cast the circle with intent.

2) Put one candle to your front right, the paper flat on the ground in the middle, and the other candle to your front left. They should make a line

3) Light the candles right to left, visualizing intent

4) Draw your sigil slowly and deliberately, visualizing intent

5) Put your hand gently on your sigil and say this slowly, deliberately, and sensually:

Let myself become undone to my own beauty.

Let the air I breathe into caress me gently, securely,

and passionately, and the path I walk from here on

glows into and from my own touch. 

I am beautiful. I am a figurine basked in siren’s

Glow, and their eyes grow glazed at the sight of me.

I am sensual. I am the divine feminine, power

and grace building and building within my core. 

Let myself become undone to my own beauty.

I am nothing but hypnotic. As I will it, so it will be.

6) Breathe. Feel the intent reach into you. If you don’t feel like it was satisfactory, repeat the spell again loudly to enforce your intent. This isn’t necessary, but before you close the circle you want to feel confident that your sigil has been charged.

7) Thank your guides or deities, blow or pinch your candles, and open your circle.

8) Keep the sigil in a safe place out of sight, or use it in a spell jar/box or a necklace.
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