Energy Manipulation


Calming music(optional)
A calm, quiet place(can be indoors or outdoors)
Location you know well(preferred, but not required)


I've seen a lot of techniques for energy manipulation, but the one I'm using is one that I've created and have been using since I've started in the craft(5 years ago, as of 2022). Here's mine, hope it helps out!

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Okay, so, for those that are new, let me explain what this form of manipulation is.

Energy manipulation, or aura/chi(or a similar name), is the mental process of energy that we already have in our bodies, waiting for us to discover it. It requires mental concentration to find and use those energies. Many on the website have been using a specific method for years, and for some who do this, just can't feel any results. My method is more... unique, perse, and it's helped out people with visualization issues, or mental/focus issues, such as ADHD.


Here's my method.


  1. Sit/lay/stand in the place you've chosen. Turn on your calming music, if you have it. Open your hands, palms facing up.
  2. Calm your mind(which may take a while, but that's okay!)
  3. Close your eyes(or keep them open, it's up to you, but open is preferred.)
  4. Visualize areas of your location lighting up with specks of light.
  5. Will them to come into your hands.
  6. Keep visualizing this, and visualize the light spreading through your body.
  7. When you feel that you've got enough energy(don't worry, you'll know when), visualize them doing what you desire. Make it a psi ball, absorb it back into your body, whatever you want.
  8. If you are not going to do anything, either release those specks into the ground, dissipate them, or absorb them into your body.

And, that's it! Mail me if this works or if there's any effects that I should add to the page.
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