Simple Manifestation Spell


An orange
A fire safe bowl
A candle (color depends on what you want to manifest)
Pen and paper
A jar
Bay leaf
Incense to cleanse
Incense associated with manifestation
Green sage
Tarot cards


A simple spell to manifest something into your life, from wealth to love.

Spell Casting

Start out by cleansing your space with incense.
After the cleansing, light some incense with manifestation/prosperity properties to bring in new energy. I used some from Elements. You can also use tarot cards to boost the energies. I used the 10 of Pentacles.

When the energy is set, you can cast a circle and begin the ritual. 
Start out by writing down what you want to manifest on a piece of paper. Writing it multiple times works best.
On the back of that paper you can draw a sigil to amplify the energy. 
Fold the paper a couple of times and seal it with candle wax.

Grab your orange. Oranges are great for manifestation because both the fruit and color symbolize things like prosperity, confidence and joy.
Now, cut open your orange and hollow it out so you have to hollow halves. You can eat the content if you wish to, it's best not to waste a nice fruit. It might be a bit hard if the orange is on the softer side, if you have trouble doing it you can try with another fruit.

In one of the hollow halves, place down the paper.
Douse the paper in the cinnamon. Cinnamon symbolizes luck, success and prosperity.
Then add the mint. Mint symbolizes luck, money and prosperity.
Then add the garden sage. Garden sage aids the manifestation and symbolizes wealth and wishes. 

Feel free to add or change ingredients to fit your manifestation goals better.

At last, grab a bay leaf and write down what you want to manifest once again. Burn the bay leaf (use the fire safe bowl to avoid burning your fingers) and add the ashes to the mixture in the hollow orange. 

After all of this you can put the other half on top of your half with the herbs (like a "lid") and seal it together with string and candle wax. Keep the orange close to your alter - use the jar here to keep it fresh longer - or bury it somewhere (use biodegradable ingredients if you choose to do this, please take care of our nature.)
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