How to Communicate telepathically


None except belief


Communicate telepathically with someone but you need tacit permission to do so

Spell Casting

1 realize  that  your  thoughts  create Energy   so that  exist not  just in your  mind but outside  affecting  everything  around you 

2  clear your mind in order to  send mental messages  you need to  clear the  mental  slate to allow room for the messages  to  come  in and  go out

3 connect  with  your  Heart space  the easiest  telepathy  will happen  with  people  who  you're  connected  with  at a  hert level 

4 you need to  have  tacit permission  and  to  be  connected  to  them because both  lines  need to  be  open 

5 you need  to  listen  because  it puts  you  in  a  receptive  state
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