Chime Candle Protection Working


Silver chime candle.
Carving tool.
Hyssop oil.


A chime candle working for extra protection. It is best used with other protections already in place.

Spell Casting

Carve the chime candle. Add crosses into the candle with your carving tool. Apply hyssop essential oil. I like to use a pendulum to determine how much to add. 

Attach the candle to a fire safe plate if you do not have a chime holder by lighting the bottom of the candle taking care to melt the wax. When the candle is attached to the plate continue to melt wax along the bottom to secure it to the plate.

Light the candle and visualize a protective shield or circle enveloping you.

Relax. Know you are protected. 

Let the candle burn as long as you like making sure to keep an eye on it. When ready snuff or blow it out.
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