How to become a werewolf. ~tested and it works~


Picture of the wolf you want to be with any information on the picture.
A moonstone embedded object like necklace, bracelet, ring or earring.
And a bit of pain tolerance.


This is another spell on how to become a werewolf like from Zombies 2. Check out my other one. This one just has a bit more info about it. If you say this is not true or this spell is fake well please keep that to yourself. Don't tell me about it in the comments. Please just send me an email about it.

Spell Casting

First take the moonstone and place it in the floor beside you. Then take the picture and place it in front of you. Then think of your mate/s.

Then place the moonstone on the picture and say this spell:


' Wolves of strength and power. Let me be a werewolf like my mates. I will protect my pack and live with them. I shall be strong and powerful. This is my wish so mote it be ' 


Then you take the moonstone and put it on or hold it.


You shall be a werewolf in 3-7 days. Then after 3 days you should try to transform.


Just one problem is that you will have a white streak in your hair. Dye stays in it for 2-3 days. Just claim it is poliosis and it's normal. And you must wear the moonstone almost every day or after a month you will die if you don't touch a moonstone object. If you don't were it after 3 days you will have coughing fits.


How to transform is you think yourself as your chosen wolf. To detransform think to yourself as human with any chosen clothes on. Your old clothes will be transported to the wash. Your first transformation will hurt but after the first time it won't hurt much. Like banging your funny bone (why do they call it that when it's not even funny!) And that's one your first transformation. Any others won't hurt.




Side affects: 


Taste for meat.

Get angry more easily.

Eyes glowing yellow when you're angry or threatened.

Urges to growl and snarl

Urge to howl.

Urges to be free.

Sharper teeth mainly the canines.

Sharper nails.

Speed increased

Better hearing

Strength increased.

Desire to be outside.

Better smell.

Urge to smell any of you meals/food.

Better sight

If you love someone or something you'll really love. If you hate something or someone you'll really hate.

If you have these next side affects then be careful. I am trying my best to fix this with another spell: warning following is not for 13 year Olds and under. Skip till you see more bold. Do not report this spell as you have been warned. Thank you.





















Wanting to kill others on Blood Moons, Blue Moons, New year Day, New year Eve, weekends, at school and on heat (heat is just for females).

Have sharp pains in your um. You know what part on weekends. Once a month. For both genders.























You can read now.

sorry about that. My cousin got a hold of my phone and put that in.




If you don't have any of these then that is good but if so please tell me in the comments.
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