Animal embodiment (real)


Able to visualize energy


I’ve seen a lot of fake, animal transformation spells on here and I’m here to give you an actual one. It doesn’t turn you into an animal but you can embody the nature of them, this can also be used when fusing with a deity (I should know, I fused with sobek for a while). I believe this is shamanic practices that I picked up somewhere but it works for me!

Spell Casting

First you have to pick the animal/ deity that you want to embody. Then get into a meditative position. Close your eyes. Visualize the animal/deity you want to embody, standing in front of you in its natural habitat. Then slowly merge with the animal/deity where its legs become your legs, its arms become your arms, your facial features merging and mixing. Feel every part merged. Then once you have merged, with your eyes closed, move around like the animal/deity. Then feel it shrink into you and lock it away inside you but feel it there. Then if you concentrate you should be able to summon them whenever you like.
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