A Memory Charm


Symbol of any Intellectual Achievement (this can be another test you got amazing grades on, a medal, etc)
Feathers (3 in total. They can be any species')
A silent space to focus
Thread (optional)


A spell meant to create an object to strengthen memory and to make information easier to recall and understand. It will make it easier to pass your exams with good enough grades. If you can, perform this the night before your exam.

Spell Casting

1. Cast a circle of protection around you and close your eyes. 

2. Envision yourself as a being made completely of whichever colors you wish, or any mixture of colors you wish. The same colors slowly build up on the top of your head to form a pillar or bridge connected you to the sky. Feel the power of the sky joining with your own power and energy.

3. Raise the featers and invoke air, element of intelligence and communication, to aid your magickal working. Ask it, politely, to add it's power to your spell.

4. Raise the symbol and speak as many times as you wish:

"This symbol of intelligence, bound by feathers three. 

My test I shall pass with flying colors, so mote it be"

5. If you chose a medal, then you can do what I did and tie the medal around your wrist. Then squeeze in the feathers through the gaps and tie them to it tight. If you didn't choose a medal, use the thread to tie the feathers to whatever you chose.

6. Imagine all the knowledge seeping into your mind through your eyes, ears, and other sensory organs.

7. Attach or hold the newly made talisman onto yourself. Wear it or keep it near you while you study (and yes, you do have to study after doing this. It's a memory charm, not a cure-all), and if you can, put the talisman underneath your pillow while resting at night.

At this point, it doesn't matter whether or not the talisman breaks as long as the objects used to make it are intact. Since the objects themselves have been enchanted, as long as they are kept in close proximity, it should work the same. 

8. Keep it near you while doing the test. It can be under your desk or whatever (you don't have to do this though. And if you do, you should probably keep it hidden). 

Make sure to thank the air for it's aid after performing the spell. 

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