Prayer To Clauneck


Ruby (optional)
Clauneck sigil
Lime green candles (recommended)
Quiet/dark room
Red coloured pencil or pen (recommended)


This is a spell for prosperity.

Spell Casting

First your going to need a quiet and dark room. Then you will need to draw Clauneck's sigil on a piece of paper with the color red or have a bronze/brass Clauneck sigil.

  • Step 1 prepare your alter. It would be good if you used a ruby as an offering though since this is not a summoning you do not need one but it is still respectful to do this and I am very sure that clay neck would appreciate it.
  • Step 2 grab your wand a draw a circle. If you do not know how to do this then this spell is not for you and I recommend reading more about left hand magic.
  • Step 3 light your green candles and gaze at the sigil. Vibrate Clauneck 3 times. 
  • Step 4 now your going to respectfully pray to Clauneck for wealth, I will not give you a specific prayer because I am very sure he will appreciate it if the prayer you say comes from your own words. Note: do not ask it to happen within a specific time frame because he doesn't actually have to listen and may not listen. You are simply praying so leave it up to him when this is going to happen... if it's going to happen. Respectfully thank him for listening when you are finished.
  • Step 5 take your wand and close your circle. You should also do a lesser banishing ritual to cleanse the room for safety measures.
  • Final step: take your sigil and keep it in your pocket whenever you go. If you used a pendant then wear it wherever you go. This will help Clauneck manifest your will.
  • Note: if you get positive results from this you should try working with Clauneck as it's a sign that he is willing to. Who knows he might end up being your most trust worthy pact. Be safe
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