The Heart of the Matter Spell


A live pink carnation flower in full bloom
A small piece of rose quartz
A small slip of pink paper
A pen or pencil


This simple spell will put the seed of attraction into someone's heart (so to speak) and get them to notice you.

Spell Casting

Place the flower in a vase of water (you want it to live as long as possible for this attraction spell). Write the name of the person you want to attract on the little slip of paper and fold it up tightly. Tuck both the paper and the piece of rose quartz into the middle petals of the flower. Repeat the following:

Set this thought in his (or her) mind
Set this thought in his (or her) heart
Set this thought in his (or her) life
So that we will never part

Focus on that person and feel them being drawn to you. Leave the flower with its contents in a vase of water and let it stay until the blossom completely droops. Bury the flower, and save the paper and stone on your altar to continue the effect of the spell.
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