Summoning para (A Finnish wealth spirit)


A children's hat
Multicolored sticks
A consecrated eucharist wafer
A women's headcloth


Para (bjära in Swedish) is a familiar spirit in Scandinavian pagan tradition. Para is associated with bringing wealth to its host. Para is a stealer spirit, that steals wealth to its host from neighbors. In medieval times this commonly meant stealing crops, eggs and milk etc. In modern times para would steal the energies, health and money of others to you from your neighborhood. When para is created, the host becomes part of the para, and para becomes part of the host. If something were to happen to para, the host would suffer accordingly. "When the maid kicked the para, the host's leg broke" (Iisalmi, Finland). "When the maid struck the para, the host came home in bruises" (Uusikirkko, Finland). "If the para is killed, its host will die." (Suistamo, Finland) "When the maid threw boiling water on para's back, the host was brought home painfully" (Vuonninen, Finland). "The host's leg broke when the maid struck across the leg of para; if the para had lost his life, the host would have died (Veteli, Finland)." Para is usually in a form of a cat, a frog or a bird in Finnish tradition. In Swedish tradition para manifests in a from of a sphere and is not associated with an animal.

Spell Casting

1. Form the head of para from a children's hat by filling it with multicolored sticks

2. Put one consecrated eucharist wafer inside the head to give para a spirit (traditionally stolen from the church during communion)

3. Make the body from women's headcloth and fill it with threads.

4. Knit the body and head together.

5. Make the legs from three spindles by sticking them to the body pointing in opposite directions.

6. Take the para in an early Sunday morning to your local church (preferably Catholic of Lutheran) and run with it nine times around the church shouting: "The para is born".

7. Soon after the para is born and will jump on three legs.
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