Lover in a bag spell


Pink mojo bag
A piece of rose quartz
Rose petals
Persons picture (Not too big because It won't fit into the bag)
Red pen/marker
Piece of a brown paper bag to write on
Pink candle
Pink ribbon
A ring (Does not have to be authentic or expensive)
Essential rose oil


Ever saw that one person in your school or workplace that you Immediately fell in love with? Then this spell is for you. With enough faith and positive energy, this spell will work.

Spell Casting

I prefer doing this spell at sunrise since that is a very romantic time for people, but that is optional.  If this spell does not work once, recast it again. :)

Grab your bag and open it up. Imagine the good times you want with this person and how much you will cherish each other. Put all of that energy into the rose quartz then place it into the bag with the rose petals. Place the person picture inside the bag while still having that energy and thinking about the good times you will have with them. Rip a piece of the brown paper bag and write the person you wish to be with name with a red pen or marker. Fold the piece of paper. Carve the person's name into a pink candle, rubbing the essential oil all over it while manifesting that energy still. Then light it, sealing the paper with the wax. Now place the paper into the bag with the ring, closing the bag then tie a pink ribbon around it. 

Chant: "Oh gods and goddesses hear my plea from (your name), I wish to be with (your lover's name) till I break this spell and allow us to become no more. Allow this ritual to make us come together and let our love flourish. So mote it be"

Allow the candle to burn and place the bag in front of it to let that energy flourish. (Do not place it too close though because it will catch on fire) When the candle finally burns out, you may take the bag with you wherever you go. This spell will work with faith and having that positive energy. Your lover will fall for you in a matter of a week!

Be mindful that if you do tell this person that you did a spell on them or people, it will backfire. So be careful! If you want to break this spell, open the bag, take out the ring and rose quartz, and burn the remaining. You can also discard the candle too if it is still not fully done.
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