Disguise of Aphrodite


Sweet blossoms, fire, a handheld mirror, running water, and a single tear. You will also need belief in magic, along with a positive energy source to fuel the spell.


Based on an ancient Greek ritual, after completing the spell you will be able to change your appearence. However, it is not instantaneous and will require time.

Spell Casting

 Disclaimer:This spell can't change your gender. However, it can give you a more masculine or feminine appearance. To begin the spell, go to the closest running water source from where you live during the full moon and start a fire. Stare Into the mirror,; ,and say, "Aphrodite, I be not who I wish to be. I wish to shed this thing I so hate. May it be for love, may it be for hate, may it at times be a blessing, at others, a burden, a curse, I wish to be the one I imagine, the one I shape, the one of which I be true, (Starts whispering) I leave you this offering, may what I hope come to pass, for this is what I want with all of my heart....." Let the tear fall from the vial and into the fire. Put it out. Then,  scatter the blossoms to the wind. Imagine what you wish to be like. Results in 2 to 3 weeks. Afterwards,  all you have to do is look into the mirror and imagine what you to look like. Again, results in 2-3 weeks.



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