Easy Luck Charm


Something close (Pendant, Necklace, Ring, Badge Etc.)
1-2 Green candles (you can also colour)
A Quiet, peaceful Room
A Lighter or match for the candle
Salt (optional)


This May Last 2-3 days, More or less, It depends on the amount of energy you put in the charm- A Male wizard can do this too, pretty easily

Spell Casting

You can do this the day before, or in the evening, But remember, this must not be performed at night- This is my first spell, so please tell me if it worked!

Okay, so go inside your room, light the 2 candles and place them in a line North to south, If only 1 candle is there, Place it in the Right side of you. After that, IF You have salt, make a circle with it, inside which you will be sitting Now Create a PSI Ball (Energy ball) And place your object Either in between the candle line or Right next to the candle for the 1 candle  And Chant- 

"Gods and Godesses Please Hear My Plea,

Lady Luck, May you shine upon Me-

Today/tomorrow Is The day for me,

So Mote It Be" 

And the spell is done!

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