Good Luck And Fortune


Midnight (Optional)
A Cross (Or Any Symbol Of Your God ETC.)
1 White Candle With Yellow Stripes *Optional, But makes the charm Stronger!*
a TINY Envelope, You Can also make one, The Envelope HAS To Be White, Green, Red Or Yellow.
A Dried Leaf/ Herb/ Or Flower, Any of these work (If You Can't have any of these, Take soil!)
Holy Water (Or Regular Works Too)
A Paper (optional)


You Think you are cursed, Or Just having a bad life? I'm Here with a spell! You Just need a few things for this (This is Kid Friendly! I THINK. Lol sorry-)

Spell Casting

REMEMBER! Yellow Is For Confidence, WHITE IS NEEDED, It is peace and good vibes, Red is Love, Erection And any related! Green Is Natural peace!

Step 1: Go Outside Or Close the door of your room! NOBODY Can hear this spell, Or This won't work (Yep!)

Step 2: Take your Marker, And Draw a circle on the paper

Step 3: Take your symbol and place it in the circle

Step 4 (Optional) : Take your candle (If you chose to have one) And Place It On The RIGHT SIDE. Of the Symbol, paper and circle 

Step 5: Take your Dried Leaf/Herb/ Soil And make it a circle over the Marker So that your symbol is placed In The Leaf, herb or soil.

Step 6: Take your water, Hold it and repeat this: "Oh (God Or Godess Name'), Hear My Plea, Bless This Water, Make It Lucky! So Mote it be!"

Step 7: Sprinkle The Water on the circle with symbol, Make sure the water is spread thoroughly In The symbol, Soil Or whatever you placed in a circle

Now Take The Symbol and Dried Leaves or Herbs (OR SOIL.) And place it in the envelope.

NEVER Leave this envelope in a cold, And dark place. Make sure it stays in a warm, cozy Bright space ALWAYS.

Or this might turn into a bad luck charm


DONT TELL ANYONE. You did this spell, that just ruins this poor thing!

DONT. Throw the envelope, if you want the charm to end, Take your leaf, herb or soil And Plant it on a patch of FRESH Soil and take the symbol and place it at your altar, Mandir, Or the praying corner of your home, If None are possible, Keep it in your room, BUT DONT LET ANYBODY. Take it!

Please comment down if this worked!
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