Clay Cup


Clay cup
White cloth
An object representing your wish
Pencil and paper if you don't have an object that represents your wish
An necklace or something else made of gold or silver


Make your wishes come true.

Spell Casting

When it is new moon or full moon take a clay cup and put inside the object of your desire, for money a coin, marriage a ring. If you don't have the object that represents your desire write with a pencil on paper your desire. Then put honey just to cover your object, take the clay cup and put on the window for 48h and during this time every time you pass by the cup whisper your wish. After 48h take the cup and cover it with a white cloth and hide it in a place where no one can see. Put something made of gold or silver next to the cup. After your wish has been fulfilled throw only the honey at the roots of a tree thanking the universe for your wish.
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