Make it snow


Cold water
A little bit of cat/dogs fur(Has to be white)
A touch of white(small, can be anything. Ex: White Crayon shaving


Makes snow happen in 1-2 weeks.

Spell Casting

Put water in bowl. Say: The origin of snow is cold. 

Add salt. Say: Its salty taste.

Add glitter. Say: The glittery glow

Add fur. Say: As white as snow

Add the touch of white. Say: A little of this and now we go!

As you say and add, wave your wand over your potion. Now go outside and dump it over your grass as spread out as you can. Then say a spell that you made up that ask's for snow and plea for it. Do not do something like this:

Please, please, please, please make it snow. I beg for it PLEASE! Oh lord make it snow! Here is mine:

Oh make it snow it is what I want, oh make it snow over the front. Snow is my only wish a blizzard is fine. So mote it be!

You can try my spell but it might not work. This spell won't work for all just some. Since I am a beginner it might have only worked for me. Tell me in comments if it worked and  enjoy snow if you get it!

Witch Noelle
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