Money spell with doll


What you need
• Sea salt
• Basil
• Green candle ×2
• Incense (optional)
• Coins
• Paper doll


This spell is a money spell I made using a simple paper doll very easy to make just go on youtube use this link write the persons name inside the paper arms FULL NAME or DNA

Spell Casting

In a meditative state light 2 green candles make a circle out of salt put your intent into the salt, as you create the circle big enough for the doll chant " good fortune unto you" (or me if its for you) think of the person you are doing the spell for receiving money, keep that image in your mind throughout the ritual. Pick up the coins and drop them on to the circle. Make sure to put your energy into sending money towards the person in mind. While you drop the coins after that say "You have received great fortune" imagine the person holding a bunch of money. Place the doll in the center of the circle and repeat the previous chant while sprinkling basil on the doll and imagine the person you are sending money to. To end the ritual say "you have great fortune" imagine the persons face while you say this and blow out the candles and imagine that person putting money into their wallet or purse
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