Islamic Fairy ritual 2


1. Twenty-one incense ( Benzoin, Palo santo , Frankincense, Sandalwood )

2. Have to be done at friday night / Monday night after 11.59 pm or in Lunar eclipse /waxing moon/waning moon

3. Rose perfume or Rose flowers


This fairy is also very helpful . Don't do this ritual if you are less than 20 years and more than 45 years old .

Spell Casting

 At 11.,50 pm just take a bath .Wear new fresh clothes . Enter in your secret room where you will be alone .Then sit by facing  north .Light 21 Incense , ( Sandalwood ,Benzoin , Palo santo , Frankincense ) . Then , use rose perfume or flowers  to spread its beautiful  smell  .


Then recite this mantra 700 times :-

Hub ka tara toriya satana


wait in that room for 1 hour .


if you can't become successful in 1 day ,do it for continuously 3 days .
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