Islamic Minnu Fairy Ritual


1 . Four Peeled coconut

2. Three kind of sweets

3. Vermilion ( must be new and have to buy it without bargaining with the seller at fixed price)

4. Have to be done it in friday night/monda ynight after 11.00 pm ,or waning moon / waxing moon /Lunar eclipse

5. Full green cloth

6 . Rose perfume / Rose flower


Minnu fairy is an 13-15 years old fairy . Who can help you in your life in various ways .

Spell Casting


Put all those ingredients  on full green cloth, you have to sit in an empty secluded room facing north at 11 o'clock at night with all those things. The body and the house should be clean and filled with the fragrance of roses.

Then this mantra should be recited 800 times:-

 Bil minnu Bil minnu minnu minnu bil minnu minnu minnu .

Then wait in that room. When the fairy comes, give her the things. Tell him whatever you want. If you are not successful in 1 day, do it for 3 days in a row.
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