Sacred Whores: impart in a person the seeds of Lust, Sexual Desire, Love.


1: Black or Blue pen
2: half sheet of copy paper
3: Cauldron or safe Mug
4: pink/purple candle
5. Match or fire starter
6. Lilith and Agrat Bat Mahlat sigils
7. Cinnamon essential oil (optional)
8: Atleast two sheets of tissue paper (recommended)


With the scared whores and dynamic sisters Lilith and Agrat Bat Mahlat draw the person you fancy to you.

Spell Casting


Before I start a ritual or spell I make it a habit of cleansing my surroundings, noting to cleanse out any stale energy. This allows ample space for Lilith and Agrat Bat Mahlat to manifest your wishes.

The Set up

Place down a yoga mat or clear out a space where you can set comfortably. Forward of you, place your Cauldron and farther back your candle. To the left and right of the Candle Set down Lilith's and Agrat Bat Mahlat's sigils. To your left (or right) place down your piece of paper and pen along with a base to write your note. Perhaps write it on a notebook. Lay down your fire starter and essential oil off to the side.

Beginning at midnight if able, Strip naked (you may leave on a protective piece of jewelry) and sit in your prepared spot. Make contact with Lilith's and Agrat Bat Mahlat's sigil. Feel their energy. Once you have established the connections call their name three times. Feel the energy grow, and envelop you. Call their names three more times, noting the energy. Say "Lilith Come" and "Agrat Bat Mahlat Come" three times or untill you feel the energy strongly. I call them in triple form. If you still struggle to feel them call their names 9-12-15-18+ times more, allowing yourself to be entranced. Write your petition on the paper. This is incredibly personal and should be from the heart. Don't just copy mine out some effort in for them, what you put in is what you'll get back after all.


Dear great goddesses Lilith and Agrat Bat Mahlat,

I humbly call you, as your worshipper, lover. Great goddesses Lilith and Agrat Bat Mahlat I ask your to bring ______ to me, may you awaken her love, Lust and desire for me. May you influence her mind and spirit, may she crave me, obcess over me. ***Add a why to this. Think beforehand about how this will help empower your magick. Ex: I mentioned that because she also works with them we will be able to do powerful magick together in their honor.

Self Love and the Burning

Your petition written, Make self love to yourself thinking of them, allowing a sexual fantasy with them to play out, connecting the person in mind's energy. Allow the following fluids to get into the petition. When ready, put the petition in the cauldron/mug along with a piece of tissue paper to help it burn and optionally a second piece of tissue paper with 9 drops of cinnamon oil. Burn. As burns feel the energy becoming picked up into the smoke, guided to the person in questions nose. 


After the paper is Ash, dispose outside around a tree, visualizing your Ritual sprouting into a fruitful tree of success.
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