To Raise Energy Spell


A quiet place (Preferably outside)


To enhance your powers and make your magick stronger so that you can cast more powerful spells. Note that this is not a replacement for actually practicing spells. This is just another tool to help in your journey, you can't just cast it and expect any spell to work.

Spell Casting

1. Sit in a meditative posture in your chosen place. Breath in and out a few times and relax yourself

2. Cast a circle if you want with the salt. Or just imagine a circle of light around you. That's what I do. 

3. Chant 3 times:

"I call upon every force I've come to know

From the blazing fire to the cold snow

By all that I am, and all that we are

By the glow of the moon, by the light of the stars

By Earth, air, fire, and sea

Multiply now my power by three"

4. End with a "So mote it be" and take in the deepest breath you have ever taken through your mouth. When you breath in, imagine vibrant energy of every color mixed together coming within you and going into your stomach or abdomen.
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