Voodoo Doll of Pain


3 black candles
Poppet (doll)


The traditional poppet and pins are used while utilizing your anger and hatred to make a connection to the target to deliver immediate and intense pain.

Spell Casting

Light Three black candles on your altar as you work up a rage , take a poppet that represents your victim and pierce it with a pin or knife as you imagine the pain coursing through the person's body. After piercing the doll as many times as you wish recite the following: "Smitten, beaten, battered and torn, I stab thee with all my scorn Suffer now i cannot wait with this i will seal your fate Pins so sharp and made of steel I strike at thee, this mark you'll feel smitten, beaten, battered, and torn I curse you now your pain is born!" Remove the pins from the doll and extinguish the candles to conclude the ritual. You can keep the doll to reuse, bury in the ground, or stick it in the freezer to keep the target from striking back at you.

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