Full Moon Money Spell


1 small mason jar with a lid.
Quarters (the number you use is up to you. I like to use 4 of them.)
Green Ribbon
Green Marker or Pen
Parchment Paper
1 Bay Leaf
1 tsp. of Basil.
1 tsp. of Mint
7 green chime candles.
Pin or Needle
Peppermint Oil
Candle Holder


7 Day, Full Moon Money Spell

Spell Casting

Note: You can use votive candles or a taper candle, if you cannot get the chime candles.

This is a 7 day candle and jar spell. This spell is to be performed on the days leading up to the full moon, with the 7th and final day being on the night of the full moon. 

Start on the first night by preparing your jar. Write down exactly what you want on your parchment paper. Fold it up and place it into your jar. Slowly fill it with each of the other items. As you do this, visualize and focus on them helping to draw money or financial gain into your life. When the last item is added, tightly seal your jar and tie the green ribbon around the lid. 

Next, dress your candle with the peppermint oil. As you work the oil into the candle’s surface, focus on your intent of drawing a money to you and easing any stress you feel. Visualize it as vividly as you can.

Once you have dressed your candle (or candles if you want to prepare them all in advance), Use a pin or needle to etch words or phrases associated with your desire into the candle.

For example:

  • Money
  • Financial Gain
  • Luck in Finances.

You can even be more specific and use thing such as:

  • Money will come to me.
  • I will have the money that I need.

As you etch word into the candle try to visualize this in your mind. You can even chant the words or phrases as you etch them. This can help you build energy, as well as further focus on your intent. Once you are done, light one of your candles and place it in the holder. Hold the jar in your hand and slowly begin to shake it. As you do this, focus on yourself finding or receiving the money you need. At this time you can also chat or say a prayer associated with your intent. When you feel that you have built enough energy, place the jar next to the candle, and mediate on your wish. Allow the candle to burn out.

Repeat this spell for the next consecutive nights, with the 7th and final night being on the night of the full moon. Put the jar up, after your final candle has burned out, and keep it in a safe place.

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