To Cut Someone Out of Your Life


Candle (black or white preferred, but it doesn't matter)
an instrument to light the candle


A simple spell made to help get rid of toxic and negative people. Have fun!

Spell Casting

With the scissors and the paper, cut out two human shapes connected at the head, the arms, and the legs. On one shape, write your name (or the name of the person you're doing the spell for), and on the second shape, write the name of the person you want out of your life. Light the candle.

Cut the heads apart and say: "With cut one, I rid myself of all the pain to me you've done"

Cut the arms apart and say: "With cut two, you'll leave my life and our contact will be through."

Cut the legs apart and say: "With cut three, I banish you from my life. So mote it be."

At this point, you should have two separate shapes that loosely resemble people. Take the sheet with the toxic person's name on it and burn it, symbolizing the relationship disintegrating. Throw out the ashes, thank your deities/guides if that is a part of your practice, and close however your practice says to.
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