Quitting Addiction(Spell)


An Apple
A Knife
A Shovel
A Location
Something that represents your addiction
(Optional)A Pen and Paper


Spell to help with addiction.

Spell Casting


First, in order for this spell to work, you must understand that there is never a "good time" to quit an addiction. Do not expect that after you perform this spell, there will be no work on your part to maintain this choice. Oftentimes, addiction becomes a part of who you are, like an infected limb. It is not a solitary issue, it can spread into other facets of life and cause more harm than simply "being addicted." To prevent the spread, and to heal the rest of you, you must sever the limb and that will leave a wound. This is a spell about severing that limb and healing the wound. It is also about making a choice. It may be performed on it's own or in conjunction with other coping mechanisms, some of which I will touch on below. Please feel free to edit this to your own needs as each case is unique.

The Spell

Choose a location where you feel comfortable, but that is not where you live or visit often. You are putting something to rest where it will not be disturbed. I chose my childhood residence which I still have access to, you may prefer a secluded spot in nature or somewhere else. Bury a hole there, large enough to fit the apple and the representative object. Try to avoid using whatever it is for an amount of time before you cast this spell, whatever amount of time you’re comfortable with. Carve your intention onto the apple, using simple words. “Quitting (affliction)” will suffice, be sure to use your own words.

The apple represents life and healing, so once you’ve done this you will take a slice for yourself and eat it. This binds you to your intention and healing energy to yourself. You may also imagine the cutting action as cutting off the limb. No more will the item compel you, as you have taken control of it. Then you will bury the item and apple together and cover it with dirt, packing it down and encasing it where it can no longer reach you. Optionally, you may say some words to further your intention, though this is not necessary to complete the spell. I do encourage you to do this and get as creative as you can, and to write it out beforehand with care. My own words are as follows;

“Now I lay thee down to sleep, my severed limb the ground to keep.

Compelled I was, but am no more, freed I am, my heart to soar!

Healing, now, I shall commence, and live a life committed hence.

Addiction now a memory, I lay thee down, so mote it be!”

Now you may either get up and walk away, or sit and reflect upon the choice you’ve made. Find peace knowing that it is no longer a part of you, and accept that uncertainty is part of change. Once you’ve found your peace, leave and DO NOT LOOK BACK!! Leave it behind you where it belongs.


Now that you have severed this part of you, you must still take care of the wound left behind. You may feel like you are missing something because you are. There are many healthy ways to fill this hole, and it will take work on your part to find the best way for you. The support of others is a valuable resource, so reach out to those around you and allow them to help you. Physical replacements may also be useful, which can be anything from chewing mint leaves to picking up a new hobby. I am no expert in addiction, so I recommend seeing what real experts have to say on the matter and finding what’s right for you. After all, it’s in your hands now! So mote it be!

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